Ahmet Kasapoğlu Contract

Turkey’s 10th Most Rapidly Growing Company

From 1971 to today,

Ahmet Kasapoğlu Contract makes no concessions on quality for any projects implemented, and combines the processed raw material with expertise and advantages of technology. It uses knowledge of years and corporate memory to keep up with the dates and closely monitor the changing trends. While Ahmet Kasapoğlu Contract continues activities in both international and domestic contracted hotel furniture using technological opportunities of world standard, it provides innovative approaches and esthetic solutions for wooden furniture and decoration of houses, offices, restaurants and shops.  

We do what we promise…

Ahmet Kasapoğlu Contract regards the concept of “time” as the major part of the business life and project management. It is aware that efficiency is a product of teamwork, workflow, planning, and synchronization in manufacturing. The management teams knows how to combine these elements with the high technology for a timely delivery of works. Ahmet Kasapoğlu Contract is reliable in any tasks, keeps its promise, does its job well, and constantly improves its reputation.  


Ahmet Kasapoğlu Contract’s philosophy is to provide customer-oriented specific project and manufacturing services using innovative approaches, distinctness and high-technology solutions for the constantly changing hotel furniture and decoration in the challenging conditions of current competition.  

Elements making a difference…

Ahmet Kasapoğlu Contract is one of the leading companies in environmental awareness in addition to solutions produced and customer satisfaction. The equipment pool we have is not only advantageous in quantitative but also has advantages over the competitors in quality. Ahmet Kasapoğlu Contract adopts creating unique works as a principle with mastership, professional dedication and heart, and blends its past experiences with technological investments and an innovative view. From this day forth, Ahmet Kasapoğlu Contract will improve its dexterity in processing information and displaying esthetic attitude as it has always done so that it will continue to be a desirable and reliable “brand”.